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Do you need a Certification

This blog post talks about why organisations need certifications and assurance reports.

There are 5 main reasons why an organisation needs a security certification like ISO27001 or SOC1/SOC2:

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Is Blockchain Technology GDPR Compliant?
Blockchain Technology brings the ease of use but also brings the compliance challenge. This blog article talks about the GDPR compliance requirements for Blockchain technology and its application in crypto currencies like Bitcoin and Monero.
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How to make Agile and Security Work together

 If you ask any random chosen person from the security industry you will very likely hear – “Agile and security don’t work together”. 

But we think that Agile and Security can work together. Let us discuss how we can make it work together.

Constant pressure from executives to deliver results...

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Do you need a Data Protection/Privacy Officer (DPO)

GDPR and New Zealand Privacy Act requires (in certain cases) companies to designate a data protection/privacy officer (DPO). Tailored to your privacy needs, SeComPass provides a Virtual Data Protection Officer (vDPO) service. The vDPO will support you by informing, advising, monitoring compliance an...

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