Do you need a Certification

16.05.22 05:22 PM By Jatinder Oberoi

This blog post talks about why organisations need certifications and assurance reports.

There are 5 main reasons why an organisation needs a security certification like ISO27001 or SOC1/SOC2:

  • My customers are asking me to fill in big questionnaires and all sorts of questions.
  • The competitors don't have any security certifications and this will be my point of differentiation
  • My customers are asking me specifically for security certification like this or they would go to other suppliers- end of story.
  • I am fed up of proving to the customers that we have top-notch security tools and processes in place.
  • Some organisations we work with are fully compliance-driven and need security certifications.
  • We want to ensure that I take due care of information provided by the customers and employees.
Many organisations don't know what to start with when looking for certification. If you think, you need a little bit of advice, we can discuss it over phone and customise the process. according to your needs 

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