Why It's a Must to have an Assessment of Business CyberSecurity

30.01.23 09:39 AM By Jatinder Oberoi

Why Assess Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a hot topic. And we have seen big cybersecurity and privacy gaps in organisations who previously didn't have any compliance obligations. This is especially true for small businesses who hold a lot of confidential/personal/financial information or intellectual property (patents).


CyberSecurity for Businesses in NZ vs Australia

Currently in New Zealand, there are no security compliance obligations by authorities. Albeit in Australia, the Federal Government has mandated ISO27001 for any organisation to work with them. This will come down to New Zealand sooner rather than later, so be ready.

In Australia, the last few months have been quite challenging for the businesses where the breaches went to a new high, e.g., Optus and Medibank breaches among others.

In New Zealand also, the breaches have been touching a new high e.g., Mercury IT, Pinnacle Health, Air New Zealand, Reserve Bank of New Zealand, Waikato DHB (now a bit old), New Zealand Stock Exchange.


3 Benefits of doing ABC assessment

  • Know your top business cybersecurity risks without breaking the bank.
  • Get an assessment aligned with an international framework  (ISO27001).
  • Make sure you implement some easy ways to reduce the business cybersecurity risks.

SeComPass has been working with organisations in New Zealand, Australia and the US. When talking to small businesses, we felt that they didn't have a lot of money to spend on cybersecurity. So SeComPass has specially created this assessment framework and as a result, ABC Assessment is a unique way to assess the gaps and risks, thus attaining a better level of understanding within days rather than weeks and months and without breaking the bank.


Sign-up Process for ABC assessment

  • We intake  only 5 organisations  every 3 months.
  • Once you are offered a place, we do an initial chat to get to know your specific needs as we don't take a cookie-cutter approach.
  • After the initial chat, we complete the ABC Assessment with the top management.
  • After that, we discuss the assessment results including the top 5 ways you can reduce the risks.


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